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Item ID: RPC-599

Enclosure Designation: Meridien Oriens

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols:
RPC-599 is contained inside of a secure room located on the third floor of Site ██, in the Computer room. The anomaly is kept inside of a sound-proof room, and is restricted to personnel of Level-3 or above clearance. One off-duty ASF personnel is to guard the room at all times. The door will not open without triggering an alarm if not approved by the Site Manager.

RPC-599 is a computer from the early 2000's, also known colloquially as an all-in-one. All of the components are completely enclosed inside of the glossy white monitor. RPC-599 appears to have a microphone and speakers built into the frame, but it is unknown as of yet as to where they are located.
There is a 2 cm camera built into the monitor, in the center of the top of the screen casing.
RPC-599 was recovered from a NOD facility by MST Sierra 6 during a raid. It appears to have a somewhat sentient A.I., as it has spoken to Authority Doctors on two separate occasions. It was originally housed in Site 16, but was moved after the site was terminated when discovered by the NOD group. RPC-599 cracked Authority Wi-Fi and managed to communicate with NOD personnel. Attempts to find the NOD facility by tracing the connection failed.
Shortly before the incident, the wireless chip was removed from the motherboard, crippling it's connection abilities. The anomaly appears to have a miniature quark-fusion generator powering it.

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