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Dr. Ocikiene's sketch of AEP-007. A colored variant can be viewed here.

Item ID: AEP-007

Enclosure Designation: Meridien

Threat Classification: ANOM-04

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-007 is located at Site-275 in █████████, Russia. It is currently enclosed inside a 3.5³ m (~43 ft) soundproofed room with 0.3 m (1 ft) non-conducting aluminum-alloy walls. The room is comprised of standard oak wood flooring, has two security cameras and an installed 5x5 meter observational glass window. Division-II security clearance is required to enter AEP-007's Enclosure Cell. Inside is a desk with a chair, a television set moderated by Association personnel, a bookcase, a standardized bed, and a large mat with various games.

2 A.D.F. on-duty personnel are to be located outside of AEP-007's enclosure area. Guards posted near AEP-007 are not permitted to have on-hand tasers due to the nature of AEP-007's anomalous abilities. Approximately every three months, a B-Class engineer will inspect the walls of the Enclosure Cell and repair if need be. AEP-007's food provisions will be brought to them by an O-Class. AEP-007 is to undergo conscious sedation daily and administered Grade-A sedatives. Procedure 963-Lux is to be running at all times. If AEP-007 is not sedated within 30 minutes upon waking and is showing extreme anger or irritation towards Association personnel, Security Procedure 295-Euclid must be executed immediately.

Description: AEP-007 is a female of Slavic descent in a traditional Eastern European dress (see image). AEP-007 does not appear to physically age over time. AEP-007 is capable of understanding Russian, Ukrainian and English. AEP-007 is accompanied by AEP-007-1, an unidentifiable skull bearing resemblance to a skull of the primal Australopithecus africanus species that shows no sign of anomalous qualities.

AEP-007 is able to manipulate organic (see Experiment 007-1) and synthetic objects through electromagnetism (relating to electricity and magnetism). AEP-007 is also capable of the creation of sensory illusions through manipulation of brainwaves in the range of their EM field. If prolonged, brain failure may occur from nerve damage (see Incident). AEP-007's abilities and immensely powerful EM field still remain unexplained.


The ██████ array, located near the site where AEP-007 was retrieved

AEP-007 was retrieved by A.R.T Task Force Nu XIII in the town of █████████, Ukraine on █/██/199█. AEP-007 was retrieved near the ██████ array in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. A.R.T personnel recovered AEP-007 after investigation by Association intelligence into rumors of a Soviet mind control research facility located within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Recovered Soviet documents suggest that scientists attempted to replicate AEP-007's EM field as to create mind-altering military array for psychological warfare and mind control.

Addendum 1A: AEP-007 has been observed being able to release electrical currents, generating moderate amounts of heat and being able to attract and repels small objects when sedated. The anomalous abilities appear to render photographic equipment useless, making documentation difficult. Further research is needed into the effectiveness of AEP-007's Grade A sedatives.

Value Assessment: Until AEP-007's anomalous abilities are understood, the value of AEP-007 to the Association cannot be assessed.

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