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Item ID: AEP-035

Enclosure Designation: Meridiem

Threat Classification: PHYS-03

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-035 is to be kept in a locked room at Containment Wing within Site-074. AEP-035's containment can only be entered with direct supervision from at least one ADF and documented permission from personnel with no lower than a Level-2 security clearance. Every 3 days, a participant1 should be sent into AEP-035's containment cell after drinking no less than 8 fluid ounces of the participant's choice of coffee. One armed member of ADF must accompany each participant at all times until their termination. The participant will be instructed to drink the liquid within AEP-035-1. Once AEP-035-1 has been consumed, they should be escorted back to their cell before more can be consumed. The next participant should be assigned to AEP-035 at the next scheduled time. When one participant has consumed 20 instances of AEP-035-1, they are to be terminated. When all five participants are terminated, new ones should be assigned to AEP-035 immediately.

Description:AEP-035 is a normal-sized carmine painted teapot. Six terracotta colored spider-like appendages made of hardened clay protrude from the base of AEP-035. These appendages seem to peak from the lower half of AEP-035. AEP-035 has a cap that cannot be removed, despite all attempts by the Association. Additionally, samples of AEP-035's clay reveals no anomalous properties in the material. AEP-035 is variably hot to the touch and has a recorded lowest temperature of 71.1 °C immediately after AEP-035-1 was consumed, and a highest recorded temperature of 829 °C after twenty days of isolation.

If conditions are met, AEP-035 will manifest an ornate glass teacup, filled with two ounces of a semi-translucent deep magenta colored liquid, which is similar both in smell and taste to Hibiscus Tea. This is to hereby be referred to as AEP-035-1. AEP-035-1 will always retain the temperature of 71.1 °C, regardless of AEP-035's temperature. Symptoms involving the consumption of AEP-035-1 are currently incurable and include the following:

  • Increased aggression toward all forms of life except micro-organisms.
  • Decreased brain functionality, starting with a 10% decrease in brain function after the first instance of AEP-035-1.
  • The presence of a clear British accent, seemingly from a southern Wales dialect.
  • A heavy addiction to AEP-035-1.

AEP-035 seems to have no melting point despite all testing by the Association. Depending on the number of days it has gone without someone having consumed AEP-035-1, AEP-035 has a recorded lowest speed of 40 km/h, and a highest recorded speed of 241 km/h. This highest speed was recorded during a period of isolation, where no instances of AEP-035-1 were created or consumed.

AEP-035 will roam around mindlessly when humans are not interacting with it, and will only change its behavior when it comes within 5ft of sentient life or senses (through unknown means) an obstacle in its path. If AEP-035 encounters an obstacle, it will attempt to go around said obstacle. AEP-035's behavior will change after 5 days if there has been no consumption of AEP-035-1, and AEP-035 will try to jump over all obstacles. Additionally, after 20 days without any consumption of AEP-035-1, AEP-035 will ignore any obstacles and will attempt to burn through them while walking into them.

When any human comes within 5ft of AEP-035, AEP-035 will approach them. AEP-035 will proceed to manifest an instance of AEP-035-12 If the human target refuses to consume AEP-035-1, AEP-035 will become incredibly violent toward the target, and attempt to scald the human by pouring a tea-like substance onto them from its nozzle. The violent outbursts of AEP-035 usually end in the termination of the target, due to severe burns to the cerebrum.

Should the target consume AEP-035-1, they will immediately undergo AEP-035-1's symptoms.
After AEP-035-1 has been consumed ten times, the person, hereafter referred to as AEP-035-2, will have been deteriorated into a mindless aggressive humanoid. AEP-035-2 will carry and brandish AEP-035, and will attempt to terminate all life within line of sight. While AEP-035-2 is active, AEP-035 will show no anomalous properties outside of indestructibility. This behavior remains constant until AEP-035-2 is terminated. AEP-035 will return to its normal state when AEP-035-2 is terminated.

Recovery Log: AEP-035 was found in █████, ████ on ██/██/███. AEP-035 was found by ARD Zulu-5, after a police call from █████ reporting "a strange man committing a murder with a teapot" (later identified as AEP-035). ARD Zulu-5, code name "Redcoats Falling", arrived at █████ to see a floor, splayed with blood and a tea-like substance, as well as five people staring down at three dead bodies (one identified as AEP-035-2), as well as AEP-035 wandering the room. Agent ███ proceeds to take AEP-035 by it's handle, and swiftly take it to on-site containment before it can react to him. At the same time, Agent █████ was ordered to bring in the person in charge of █████ for an interview, while the rest of Redcoats Falling controlled the crowd and administered Class B amnestics to people currently in █████.

Addendum 1: It should be noted that the effects of AEP-035-1 are doubled when ingested by anyone with a mother or father of immediate British descent. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Addendum 2: The effects of AEP-035-1 are halved when coffee is consumed within 2 hours of ingesting AEP-035-1, meaning that it would take 20 instances of AEP-035-1 for an instance of AEP-035-2 to be created, as opposed to the standard 10 instances.

Value Assessment: N/A

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