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Both sides of AEP-50, heads (left) and tails (right)

Item ID: AEP-050

Enclosure Designation: Oriens

Threat Classification: ANOM-00

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols:
AEP-050 is to be enclosed in a 5cm x 5cm x 5cm thick steel box at Site-515. This box is to be equipped with two keycard readers that require two Division-IV+ key cards to open. Any testing or usage of AEP-050 is to be supervised by two Division-IV personnel and at least 5 members of the ADF. AEP-050’s enclosure cell is to be kept under active surveillance at all times by ADF stationed nearby. Unauthorized personnel found in AEP-050’s enclosure cell are to be detained using all necessary force terminated. Under no circumstances should any Class-O personnel be permitted into AEP-050’s containment cell unless accompanied by personnel with Division-IV+ security clearance. After Incident-050-1, no members of Class-O personnel are to enter AEP-050’s containment at any time. Any experiments requiring the use of Class-O or lower personnel are to be performed at least 10 meters away from them without their knowledge.

AEP-050 is to be used by two members of Class-B or higher personnel. AEP-050 usage must be documented after each use. AEP-050 is to immediately be placed back into its enclosure after authorized usage.

Description: AEP-050 is a small, dulled silver coin with measuring 24.26mm by 1.75mm. AEP-050’s features are worn, though the coin itself displays no noteworthy scratches or dents. It features two sides that can be easily defined as heads or tails, similar to many known currencies. Features of each side are clearly visible, yet worn. The top side (heads) of the coin features a worn outline of an unknown figure, suspected to be a man of an unknown identity. The tails side of AEP-050 bears a label in its center, surrounded in vines that are found commonly on United States minted coins. The label reads “ONE CENT” and is written in Times New Roman font. Just below the label, a bell, labeled with the number 1, is distinguishable. AEP-050 has marking consistent with 18th Century coinage from the American colonies, though the true manufacturing date of AEP-050 is unknown by The Association. The outer 3mm of metal around the edges is featureless and worn, yet the edges are pristine and ridged despite the condition of AEP-050’s other features.

AEP-050 shows its anomalous properties when two sapient individuals participate in a coin flip. Each participant has to state what they wish to happen before flipping the coin, or AEP-050 will show no anomalous properties. AEP-050 will, through unknown means, grant the wish of the winner of the coin flip. Association testing has revealed that the wish-granting properties have concrete limits, see Test Log for tests regarding this limit. Currently the largest known use of AEP-050’s anomalous effects is the destruction of ██████, Iowa. It is also recorded that there is a low chance that the winner’s wish will be reversed and the opposite will occur.

It has been shown that any individual included in the coin flip is incapable of using AEP-050 again. It is notable that if an individual attempts a coin flip with an individual who has not yet attempted to use AEP-050, the individual who has not yet used AEP-050 will lose the ability to use it and will not receive a wish, even if they win. There are no physical or cognitive barriers to stop someone from attempting to use AEP-050 again, and will instead act as a normal coin. AEP-050 will always land on the side that it landed on in a previous encounter when flipped by someone who has previously used it.

Experimentation Log:

Incident Log:

Value Assessment: If this anomaly is further researched, it may be of extremely beneficial use to the Association in the near future. This anomaly is cataloged under R1 in the meantime.

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