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Any information presented inside the following document must be pre-approved before knowledge of it is given to any lower level staff.


AEP-173 (picture edited to protect personnel from Cognitohazard. Edits include a change of original content within the book, as well as translation from Mandarin to English.)

Item #: AEP-173

Object Class: Oriens

Threat Classification: COG-02

Containment Protocols: AEP-173 is to be kept in a 20cm x 20cm x 20cm steel containment box with no internal visibility from the outside, and should be kept in a dark containment cell. The box should have a remote controlled lid that should be left closed, unless approved to be opened for personnel treatment or a termination attempt of an AEP. No important sapient creatures should come into contact with AEP-173 without permission and a written reason from at least one Level 3 personnel. Any unauthorized visual or physical exposure to AEP-173 will result in immediate termination by ASF. Additionally, to avoid confusion, no prisms, mirrors, or cubical semi-translucent objects are to be brought into the containment cell to avoid confusion and ensure safety.

AEP-173 can be used to cure personnel diagnosed with schizophrenia. Personnel receiving this treatment must be approved by a member of personnel with Level 3 security access, and are to be accompanied by an informed member of ASF. The personnel in question should be interviewed prior to the treatment for comparison afterward. Personnel being treated by AEP-173 must be in visual contact with the AEP-173 for no longer than five minutes and no shorter than four minutes forty five seconds, and must not physically contact AEP-173 at any time. After exposure to AEP-173, the member of personnel is to be escorted away from AEP-173 and interviewed.

Description: AEP-173 is a 19mm x 19mm x 19mm translucent cube with no coloration, with a small book inside, titled “How to Be Normal for Those Who Aren’t” in Mandarin Chinese. The book is stuck on the third page and fourth page, which contains the Table of Contents and a foreword from an unknown author.

AEP-173 will, when viewed by a sapient lifeforms through any means1 will force them to continue viewing it. Testing shows that only an external force can stop this effect. After 5 minutes of visual exposure, viewers will begin to lose their creative capabilities, and memories of intrigue2 will be irreversibly erased from their memories. After 30 minutes of exposure to AEP-173, an ordinary person will begin to lose key points of their personality, such as mannerisms, and will have lost 100% of their creative capabilities. After 45 minutes of viewing AEP-173, the viewer, hereafter referred to as AEP-173-1, will be completely devoid of all personality and thought, with nothing interesting about it short of being AEP-173-1. AEP-173-1 will make no movement outside of breathing and blinking, and must be helped with other life functions or terminated.

AEP-173 responds differently to creatures that have schizophrenia or similar features. If a creature with these symptoms views AEP-173 for a period of time between 4 minutes and 45 seconds and 5 minutes, their symptoms will be cured, and all memories that resulted from or resulted to said symptoms will be erased from their memory, as if though they never existed. These effects have made it possible to treat personnel with a mental instability diagnosis, which makes AEP-173 useful to the AEP Association. However, if AEP-173 is viewed by a previously schizophrenic creature, they will suffer a loss of all memories of intrigue, not just ones relating to their schizophrenia, as well as a complete loss of creative thinking capability, despite this effect happening later under normal circumstances.

Despite numerous attempts to destroy AEP-173, any damage done to AEP-173 self repairs no more than five minutes later, with no signs of previous damage. Any pieces kept away from the reforming AEP-173, now referred to as AEP-173-B, will violently explode into semi-translucent white shards that will teleport back to AEP-173 ten seconds after the explosion. These explosions have a lethal radius of 2 meters, and the shards travel a total of 4 meters before teleporting back to AEP-173 for self-repair. All attempts to retrieve the book (now to be referred to as AEP-173-C) from inside of AEP-173 have failed, and all physical contact with AEP-173 have resulted in transformation into AEP-173-1. Whether or not AEP-173-C is what causes the anomalous effects of AEP-173 is unknown by the Association.

Recovery Log: AEP-173 was discovered in a doctor’s office by A.R.T Quebec-7 ("Black Typhoon") in █████, New York on ██/██/197█. AEP-173 was found on an aged doctor’s desk, surrounded by 3 instances of AEP-173-1, one of which identified as Doctor ██████. Three members of Black Typhoon accidentally viewed AEP-173, and they were overtaken by the cognito-hazardous anomalous effects of AEP-173. This lead Agent ████ to infer its anomalous effects, who closed his eyes and took AEP-173 to on-site containment.

Addendum: After further testing, it was discovered that the effects of AEP-173 work regardless of the light level of a room, yet is still to be left in a dark room to avoid instances of AEP-173-A from occurring.

Value Assessment: This object could be used to clear Class-O personnel from the Association, as well as treating schizophrenia-like symptoms in personnel.

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