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Photograph of AEP-431-2 and 6 instances of AEP-431-1 (Taken by J███ A██████ before assumed termination in AEP-431-A)

Item ID: AEP-431

Enclosure Designation: Meridien

Threat Classification: DIM-03

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: All forested areas within 100 kilometers 115 kilometers of Ashland, Maine are to be purged of all instances of Odocoileus virginianus (Whitetail Deer) every thirty days to avoid all accidental entrances into AEP-431-A from appearing. If asked by locals, they are to be told that a fugitive on the run has escaped into the forest, and that they are searching for them. Further investigators from local inhabitants are to be treated with Grade-A amnesics and released.

Site-175 is to be built in the center of North Maine Woods, surrounded by warning signs and armed guards. This Site is to be the home of all forest-related anomalies found that are related to AEP-431-A. All vehicles at Site-175 are to be equipped with night-vision windshields and are to not be equipped with headlights.

Description: AEP-431 is the name of the phenomenon that appears when a white tailed deer is caught within headlights 100 kilometers 115 kilometers from Ashland, Maine. When this occurs, the driver will be transported into an alternate dimension with a lone forest road at 12:00 AM. This location is to be referred to as AEP-431-A. All attempts to wait for the progression of time have failed. As progress forward through the pocket dimension is made, instances of AEP-431-1 will begin to appear around the trapped person's vehicle.

AEP-431-1 is a non-sentient quadrupedal creature with two sharp horns made from a bone like substance. AEP-431-1 shares most of it's physical properties with a white-tailed deer, but AEP-431-1 seems to lack skin and has flame red holes where eyes would be. They are incredibly aggressive toward bipedal lifeforms and will kill all bipeds (excluding AEP-431-2) that are not within the confines of a automobile.

After approximately 32 kilometers of movement, the driver will begin to experience paranoia, anxiety, hyperventilation, and chills. After approximately 10 more kilometers, all instances of AEP-431-1 will gather in-front of the vehicle, forcing the driver to stop. Promptly after the automobile comes to a stop, AEP-431-2 will appear. All communication devices and electronic hardware seizes to function at this point. It has been assumed by the Association that AEP-431-2 and instances of AEP-431-1 terminate the driver.

AEP-431-2 shares many features with instances AEP-431-1, but is bipedal with human hands, two additional horns, and a black garb that hides other body features. It is unknown whether AEP-431-2 is sentient or sapient.

Exploration Log:

Addendum: It has been observed that the range of AEP-431-A's effect has been slowly growing over the course of its relative enclosure. Action regarding this growth has yet to be determined. Noctis re-classification is still to be determined.

Value Assessment: N/A

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