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God, SCP Wiki's are sooooooo restrictive.

No, really, permaban if you are under 15 years old, it's not à little excessive?

13 is the limit. Also, the SCP foundation is fucked with politics so I suggest you stay here.

the person below is mega gay

This is cool
AdlezAdlez 09 Aug 2018 15:01
in discussion General Discussion / Main Hall » This is cool

I like dis wiki its pretty cool

This is cool by AdlezAdlez, 09 Aug 2018 15:01
Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64 09 Aug 2018 06:24
in discussion General Discussion / Drafts » AEP-XXX

Thank you. A majority of the changes have been made. The only part I am unsure of in terms of how to improve is the dialogue. I just flat out am not good with dialogue and if there are any suggestions to help please let me know.

Re: AEP-XXX by Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64, 09 Aug 2018 06:24
PlasmiumPlasmium 09 Aug 2018 06:06
in discussion General Discussion / Drafts » AEP-XXX

Let's give 'er the old critiquee.

Enclosure Designation: Meridiem


Threat Classification: CHEM-04 PHYS-02

Pick one. Ain't a buffet.

Modifications include a compartment to allow liquid waste of around 3 liters, dust, and solid waste measuring no more than 0.3m x 0.2m x 0.2m to be fed into the chamber.

Rephrase this.

AEP-XXXX's left arm has been shorted slightly and in place of a hand is a bucket like organic structure hanging by a handle made of bone that protects part of the nervous and circulatory systems.

What? *shortened *bucket-like how the hell does this protect the nervous and circulatory systems?

Test with AEP-XXXX shows that this chemical mixture is able to dissolve anything that AEP-XXXX considers to be waste.


…to totally dissolve any waste substances without causing damage to all non-waste on a molecular level.

*any for "all"

So Far AEP-XXXX has been able to lift furniture of 136 Kg (around 300lbs.) while organizing.


Test Log XXXX

*bed not Bed *italicize Sansevieria Trifascitai or whatever.
*capitalize sentences, add punctuation.

Int. Log

Add a space between the name and their speaking. Somewhat clumsily done dialogue.

Addendum XXXX-a:Lead Researcher Dr. Bowen has put forth two hypothesizes: the openings allow for AEP-XXXX to subtly change the mixture if needed or the openings are the mouth of AEP-XXXX. Further testing is needed to confirm or deny either possibility.

  • add a space between add.-XXXX-a and "Lead"

OVERALL: CAPITALIZE "SITE" just the first letter. Interesting concept, could definitely be rewritten.

Re: AEP-XXX by PlasmiumPlasmium, 09 Aug 2018 06:06

The link to the sandbox page is here:

This is a forum signature. That is all.

Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64 09 Aug 2018 05:39
in discussion General Discussion / Drafts » AEP-XXX


Enclosure Designation: Meridien

Threat Classification: CHEM-04

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-XXXX is kept in a humanoid chamber with a modified ventilation system. Modifications include a compartment to allow liquid waste of around 3 liters, dust, and solid waste measuring no more than 0.3m x 0.2m x 0.2m to be fed into the chamber. This is to keep AEP-XXXX preoccupied with cleaning rather than escape. All staff within Site-023 are encouraged to use this compartment. However, the Association is not responsible for any personal belongings that are disposed of in this manner and any items disposed of in this manner are to be considered irretrievable.

Description: AEP-XXXX is a humanoid creature standing at 1.8m in height. AEP-XXXX wears a blue button-up shirt with heavily damaged sleeves, blue jeans, brown leather shoes and a hat with the "The Company LLC Cleaning Crew" logo sewn on. If torn all articles of clothing are able to self-repair at a rate of 1 cm2per 30 minutes. Upon completion, all wounds in areas concealed by clothing will spontaneously heal. Any wounds sustained in other areas will heal at a normal rate even if the wound would otherwise be lethal. Samples taken from the listed articles of clothing contain DNA that matches the exposed skin of AEP-XXXX with the only exception being materials used for the sewn on logo.

AEP-XXXX's left arm has been shortened slightly and in place of a hand is a bucket-like organic structure hanging by a spin-like handle made of bone that protects part of the nervous and circulatory systems. The bucket is able to hold 3 liters of liquid with the interior containing small pores that are able to produce up to 2.75 Liters of a chemical mixture of water, bleach, soap and an as yet unidentified liquid. Tests with AEP-XXXX shows that this chemical mixture is able to dissolve anything that AEP-XXXX considers to be waste. AEP-XXXX's chemical mixture has been able to totally dissolve any waste substances without causing damage to all non-waste on a molecular level. Furthermore, this mixture is able to anomalously suppress or negate chemical reactions that should happen during the dissolving process. For example, chemicals that should produce vapors when dissolved by acids or bases will produce neither. It is unknown what exactly happens after the substances dissolve only that they are not turned into gasses and leave no trace.

AEP-XXXX's right forearm has been stretched to a length of 0.7 m and thinned to around 0.02 m. The hand of AEP-XXXX consist of a mass of an estimated ███ tendrils. Each tendril is covered in hair-like fibers use to absorb and spread the chemical mixture from the left arm. Furthermore, the tendrils house a system of microscopic openings. The purpose of these openings are currently being investigated.

AEP-XXXX behavior consists of wandering large structures and attempting to find areas it considers messy. Upon finding an area it will dissolve any waste before rearranging and organizing the area. So far, AEP-XXXX has been able to lift furniture of 136 Kg (around 300lbs.) while organizing. Once it is finished AEP-XXXX will wander again. AEP-XXXX has been known to vocalize while working and will frequently mention how lonely it feels and the "life before The Company." Often when speaking about the time before the company, AEP-XXXX will mention a wife, daughter and several friends followed by regrets for not saving them. AEP-XXXX has no strong feelings about The Company LLC but merely uses the interview and hiring as a point of reference. The Association is to take all vocalizations as generally true baring some instances of hyperbole or misunderstandings. However, if AEP-XXXX spots an animal it stops all cleaning processes and attempts to dissolve them before going back to its usual routine. All vocalizations will appear to be distressed while AEP-XXXX chasing the creature and a short time after termination.

Retrieval Log: AEP-XXXX was found in the abandoned ██████ high school in ███████, Missouri. The Association took notice of AEP-XXXX after many locals who entered the area and either went missing or told very similar accounts of a ghost janitor in the school or similar apparitions. ART lambda-19, Mess Makers, were sent in to recover the anomaly. After, 33 minutes ART lambda-19 were able to capture AEP-XXXX with only 3 causalities. To date, the bodies of the missing victims and the 3 casualties have yet to be found.

Addendum-XXXX-a: Lead Researcher Dr. Bowen has put forth two hypothesizes: the openings allow for AEP-XXXX to subtly change the mixture if needed or the openings are the mouth of AEP-XXXX. Further testing is needed to confirm or deny either possibility.

Value assessment: AEP-XXXX can aid in waste disposal at Site-023 while avoiding alternatives, such as incineration or burial, that could draw attention to the Association.

AEP-XXX by Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64, 09 Aug 2018 05:39

As far as I'm aware the age limit here is 13.

If so, what are they? I was thinking about using this site while I wait to turn 15 to join the SCP foundation.

This is a forum signature. That is all.

Re: Released!
Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64 07 Aug 2018 07:23
in discussion Announcements / Major » Released!

Is this still canon? About the foundation or are we going in a different direction.

Re: Released! by Pyrojackfrost64Pyrojackfrost64, 07 Aug 2018 07:23

Everyone knows that the RPC Authority popped up due to SCP's downfall, but what created AEP? Did something happen within the RPC community to cause another schism?

Where did AEP come from? by Ratman73Ratman73, 06 Aug 2018 08:09

Good or shitty as hell? Cranking 'em out. If it ain't funny, there's a button for that if you like.

AEP-969-J Discussion by PlasmiumPlasmium, 05 Aug 2018 04:48
gabeosgabeos 02 Aug 2018 01:07
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions »

Upvote. I just don't like the damn anime picture, breaks immersion.

the person below is mega gay

by gabeosgabeos, 02 Aug 2018 01:07

[[module Rate]]


[[include component:image-block name=|caption=An artists rendition of AEP-PTSD-J-1 manifesting.]]


Enclosure Designation: Noctis

Threat Classification: MIND01

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: Due to the nature of AEP-PTSD-J-1's manifestation, all patients of AEP-PTSD-J cannot be contained. However, ART Bravo-00 through Bravo-05 are to survey media and medical databases to ensure minimal publicized manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1. These squads are to code named "Armament Men." All people diagnosed with AEP-PTSD-J are to be treated with Begonthotufen to limit the symptoms of AEP-PTSD-J to not include a manifestation of AEP-PTSD-J-1.

Description: AEP-PTSD-J is a anomalous condition that is very similar to PTSD1. AEP-PTSD-J has a plethora of symptoms which include an increased distribution of war stories2, increased jadedness toward the newer generation, and manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1. These symptoms seem to appear almost instantaneously after the end of a significant battle or war. AEP-PTSD-J is commented by patients to be "Not that bad." and "Not much of a problem." At the current time, AEP-PTSD-J patients consist only of American WWII veterans and ART Personnel for unknown reasons.

AEP-PTSD-J-1 is a sentient spectral human skeleton of about 164.5cm that weighs about 80.7kg when weighed. AEP-PTSD-J-1 typically wears an American WWII uniform, yet can also be seen wearing casual wear and other forms of clothing. Manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1 tend to have separate personalities, the majority of which being 20-30 year old Caucasian males who joined the army. Manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1 tend to be rather "relaxed", and can often be found idling with their respective AEP-PTSD-J patient. All manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1 from WWII veterans have identified themselves with a name that can be found in the following archives.

This leads the Association to suspect that all manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1 are linked with the fatalities of comrades of the patient. However, when questioned, AEP-PTSD-J-1 does not grasp the concept that they match the description of a U.S soldier that were terminated during WW2. The reason for this is currently unknown. AEP-PTSD-J-1 is bound to the physical limitations of a standard person, and cannot phase through objects or float similar to other ghost-like entities. AEP-PTSD-J-1 is capable (yet does not require) sustenance or sleep, yet seems to gravitate toward alcoholic tendencies. Reasons given by manifestations of AEP-PTSD-J-1 for this interest include "I deserve it, I served in a war!", "It's a good way to relax.", and "Shut up! What do you know anyway?!"

Interview Log:

Addendum: Alternatives to Begonthotufen have been considered by Division-IV medical personnel after numerous reports of people prescribed Begonthotufen vomiting rainbows and internal organs. The reason for this is currently unknown.6

Value assessment: N/A


Highly recommend viewing the sandbox link over this, it's more up to snuff on things.

Re: AEP-009 "Arctic Sludge" by EorvekEorvek, 31 Jul 2018 16:06

Item ID: AEP-009

Enclosure Designation: Noctis

Threat Classification: CHEM-05

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: Due to complete containment of all instances of AEP-009 being deemed impossible; all non-association petroleum and deep sea expeditions north of ███° N in the Arctic Ocean are to be intercepted and non-association individuals violating quarantine are to be given Grade-A amnestics or terminated.

Any recovered instance of AEP-009 is to be destroyed via incineration immediately. Any handling of AEP-009 is prohibited for personnel not wearing sterilized hazardous material gear. Under no circumstances is AEP-009 allowed to make contact with organic material. Failure to neutralize non-contained instances of AEP-009 may result in a NK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

Quarantine is administrated by Site 789 in Northern Greenland following the destruction of Deep Research Site ███. Quarantine is to be carried out by multiple outposts throughout the Arctic Ocean.

AEP-009 is a colony of independent cellular entities taking on the appearance of unrefined petroleum, however lacks any similar chemical makeup. AEP-009 shows a bond with petroleum (including refined) as a method of hibernation to an indefinite time limit; Possibly staying with oil deposits since the early Mesozoic Era.

AEP-009 was first contained on a newly built oil platform north of the town of ██████, ██████, belonging to the ███████ █████████ Corporation before Association acquisition. Initial recovery was carried out by A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5. Immediate reports detailed the loss of the entire platform's crew. Arctica-5 resorted to sinking the oil platform after sealing off every extraction pipe and incinerating all instances of AEP-009 and affected organisms (Further designated as AEP-009-A) onboard.

Following initial containment, other instances of AEP-009 were reported and contained. Predictions on containment labelled the entire Arctic Ocean as a high risk to leave open to non-association exploration and experimenting. The current quarantine on Arctic Ocean exploration and oil extraction was put in place immediately after this prediction with all major reports of AEP-009 emerging ceasing.

Addendum 1A: AEP-009 has had one major occurrence since the quarantine was implemented. On ██/██/████, extracted colonies of AEP-009 breached containment in Deep Research Site ███. A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5 failed to retake Deep Research Site ███. G5-03 authorized the detonation of on-site nuclear warheads, neutralizing all instances of AEP-009.

Addendum 1B: During Deep Research Site ███'s containment breach, AEP-009 showed growing signs of intelligence as it grew throughout the site, with instances of AEP-009-A exercising high levels of intelligence to the point of communicating with other AEP-009-A instances. Noted signs of intellect also include AEP-009 and AEP-009-A mimicking ensnared humans and cries for help to lure further victims.

On-site cameras recorded living and deceased human individuals were gathered by AEP-009 and instances of AEP-009-A, and were seemingly assimilated and reassembled with biomass and parts from AEP-009 and other recovered victims. Living subjects for transformation were recorded to still be alive as late as their entire bodies were re-purposed.

Addendum 2: AEP-009 has been determined to be a major threat as of the events of Review Log 009-1. AEP-009 research is now on indefinite standby.

Value assessment: AEP-009 has been noted to contain valuable carbon dating on recovered instances. Allowing for detailing of the early Mesozoic Era due to every extracted instance of AEP-009 showing to have been in hibernation for the millions of years it has laid dormant.

AEP-009 "Arctic Sludge" by EorvekEorvek, 31 Jul 2018 15:55

yes because runing broken English thr a gamer and spelling checker always knows exactly what the word mean

[[module Rate]]



Enclosure Designation: Oriens

Threat Classification: ANOM-X

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols:
AEP-050 is to be kept in a 5cm thick steel box at Site-515. This box is to equipped with two keycard readers that require two Level 4+ key cards to open. Any testing or usage of AEP-050 is to supervised by two Level 4 personnel and at least 5 members of the ADF. AEP-050’s containment is to be kept under active surveillance at all times by ADF stationed nearby. Unauthorized personnel found in AEP-050’s containment are to be detained using all necessary force terminated. Under no circumstances should any Class O personnel be permitted into AEP-050’s containment cell unless accompanied by personnel with Level 4+ security clearance. After Incident-050-1, no members of Class O personnel are to enter AEP-050’s containment at any time. Any experiments requiring use of Class O or lower personnel are to be performed at least 10 meters away from them without their knowledge.

AEP-050 is to be used by two members of Class B or higher personnel. AEP-050’s usage is to be closely monitored due to the one per pair limit to using AEP-050. Any member of personnel who has participated in AEP-050 usage is to be listed to maximize efficiency and avoid instances of AEP-050-A. Instructions to AEP-050’s use can be found in the description. AEP-050 is to immediately be placed back into containment after authorized usage.

Description: AEP-050 is a small, dulled silver coin with measuring 24.26mm by 1.75mm. AEP-050’s features are worn, though the coin itself displays no noteworthy scratches or dents. It features two sides that can be easily defined as heads or tails, similar to many known currencies. Features of each side are clearly visible, yet worn. The top side (heads) of the coin features a worn outline of an unknown figure, suspected to be a man of an unknown identity. The tails side of AEP-050 bears a label in its center, surrounded in vines that are found commonly on United States minted coins. The label reads “ONE CENT” and is written in Times New Roman font. Just below the label, a bell, labeled with the number 1, is distinguishable. AEP-050 has marking consistent with 18th Century coinage from the United States colonies, though the true manufacturing date of AEP-050 is unknown by The Association. The outer 3mm of metal around the edges is featureless and worn, yet the edges are pristine and ridged despite the condition of AEP-050’s other features.

AEP-050 shows its anomalous properties when two sapient individuals participate in a coin flip. Each participant has to state what they wish to happen before flipping the coin, or AEP-050 will show no anomalous properties. AEP-050 will, through unknown means, grant the wish of the winner of the coin flip. Association testing has revealed that the wish granting properties have concrete limits, see Test Log for tests regarding this limit. Currently the largest known use of AEP-050’s anomalous effects is the destruction of ██████, Iowa. It is also recorded that there is a low chance that the winner’s wish will be reversed and the opposite will occur.

It has been shown that any individual included in the coin flip is incapable of using AEP-050 again. It is notable that if an individual attempts a coin flip with an individual who has not yet attempted to use AEP-050, the individual who has not yet used AEP-050 will lose the ability to use it and will not receive a wish, even if they win. There are no physical or cognitive barriers to stop someone from attempting to use AEP-050 again, and will instead act as a normal coin. AEP-050 will always land on the side that it landed on in a previous encounter when flipped by someone who has previously used it.

If two individuals who already used AEP-050 flip against each other having landed on different sides initially, AEP-050 will begin to spin at 5m/s, and will incrementally increase every second by 2m/s. This spinning of AEP-050 is to be referred to as AEP-050-A. AEP-050-A will continue to spin at either individual participating in a coin flip has been terminated. When either of the individuals is terminated, AEP-050-A will stop, and AEP-050 will land on the side that the surviving participant originally landed on during their first encounter. If AEP-050-A does not stop, AEP-050-A has the potential to become a threat to the Containment Site.

Experimentation Log:

Incident Log:

Value Assessment: AEP-050 can be very useful to the Association provided it is used responsibly and effectively by personnel.

« AEP-054 | AEP-050 | AEP-056 »

AEP-050 | Fifty50 by General 4chinsGeneral 4chins, 31 Jul 2018 06:10

[[module Rate]]


[[include component:image-block name=|caption=AEP-035]]

Item ID: AEP-035

Enclosure Designation: Meridiem

Threat Classification: PHYS-03

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-035 is to be kept in a locked room at Containment Wing within Site-074. AEP-035's containment can only be entered with direct supervision from at least one ADF and documented permission from personnel with no lower than a Level-2 security clearance. Every 3 days, a participant1 should be sent into AEP-035's containment cell after drinking no less than 8 fluid ounces of the participant's choice of coffee. One armed member of ADF must accompany each participant at all times until their termination. The participant will be instructed to drink the liquid within AEP-035-1. Once AEP-035-1 has been consumed, they should be escorted back to their cell before more can be consumed. The next participant should be assigned to AEP-035 at the next scheduled time. When one participant has consumed 20 instances of AEP-035-1, they are to be terminated. When all five participants are terminated, new ones should be assigned to AEP-035 immediately.

Description:AEP-035 is a normal-sized carmine painted teapot. Six terracotta colored spider-like appendages made of hardened clay protrude from the base of AEP-035. These appendages seem to peak from the lower half of AEP-035. AEP-035 has a cap that cannot be removed, despite all attempts by the Association. Additionally, samples of AEP-035's clay reveals no anomalous properties in the material. AEP-035 is variably hot to the touch and has a recorded lowest temperature of 71.1 °C immediately after AEP-035-1 was consumed, and a highest recorded temperature of 829 °C after twenty days of isolation.

If conditions are met, AEP-035 will manifest an ornate glass teacup, filled with two ounces of a semi-translucent deep magenta colored liquid, which is similar both in smell and taste to Hibiscus Tea. This is to hereby be referred to as AEP-035-1. AEP-035-1 will always retain the temperature of 71.1 °C, regardless of AEP-035's temperature. Symptoms involving the consumption of AEP-035-1 are currently incurable and include the following:

  • Increased aggression toward all forms of life except micro-organisms.
  • Decreased brain functionality, starting with a 10% decrease in brain function after the first instance of AEP-035-1.
  • The presence of a clear British accent, seemingly from a southern Wales dialect.
  • A heavy addiction to AEP-035-1.

AEP-035 seems to have no melting point despite all testing by the Association. Depending on the number of days it has gone without someone having consumed AEP-035-1, AEP-035 has a recorded lowest speed of 40 km/h, and a highest recorded speed of 241 km/h. This highest speed was recorded during a period of isolation, where no instances of AEP-035-1 were created or consumed.

AEP-035 will roam around mindlessly when humans are not interacting with it, and will only change its behavior when it comes within 5ft of sentient life or senses (through unknown means) an obstacle in its path. If AEP-035 encounters an obstacle, it will attempt to go around said obstacle. AEP-035's behavior will change after 5 days if there has been no consumption of AEP-035-1, and AEP-035 will try to jump over all obstacles. Additionally, after 20 days without any consumption of AEP-035-1, AEP-035 will ignore any obstacles and will attempt to burn through them while walking into them.

When any human comes within 5ft of AEP-035, AEP-035 will approach them. AEP-035 will proceed to manifest an instance of AEP-035-12 If the human target refuses to consume AEP-035-1, AEP-035 will become incredibly violent toward the target, and attempt to scald the human by pouring a tea-like substance onto them from its nozzle. The violent outbursts of AEP-035 usually end in the termination of the target, due to severe burns to the cerebrum.

Should the target consume AEP-035-1, they will immediately undergo AEP-035-1's symptoms.
After AEP-035-1 has been consumed ten times, the person, hereafter referred to as AEP-035-2, will have been deteriorated into a mindless aggressive humanoid. AEP-035-2 will carry and brandish AEP-035, and will attempt to terminate all life within line of sight. While AEP-035-2 is active, AEP-035 will show no anomalous properties outside of indestructibility. This behavior remains constant until AEP-035-2 is terminated. AEP-035 will return to its normal state when AEP-035-2 is terminated.

Recovery Log: AEP-035 was found in █████, ████ on ██/██/███. AEP-035 was found by ARD Zulu-5, after a police call from █████ reporting "a strange man committing a murder with a teapot" (later identified as AEP-035). ARD Zulu-5, code name "Redcoats Falling", arrived at █████ to see a floor, splayed with blood and a tea-like substance, as well as five people staring down at three dead bodies (one identified as AEP-035-2), as well as AEP-035 wandering the room. Agent ███ proceeds to take AEP-035 by it's handle, and swiftly take it to on-site containment before it can react to him. At the same time, Agent █████ was ordered to bring in the person in charge of █████ for an interview, while the rest of Redcoats Falling controlled the crowd and administered Class B amnestics to people currently in █████.

Addendum 1: It should be noted that the effects of AEP-035-1 are doubled when ingested by anyone with a mother or father of immediate British descent. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Addendum 2: The effects of AEP-035-1 are halved when coffee is consumed within 2 hours of ingesting AEP-035-1, meaning that it would take 20 instances of AEP-035-1 for an instance of AEP-035-2 to be created, as opposed to the standard 10 instances.

Value Assessment: N/A

« AEP-034 | AEP-035 | AEP-036 »

AEP-035 | Have a Drink! by General 4chinsGeneral 4chins, 31 Jul 2018 06:08
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