The following are a list of the current known competitors to the Association. While little is known about them, what the Association does know is compiled below.


File Overview <Greene's Garden Supplies>:


After reports were leaked of a family that purchased a large specimen of Dionaea muscipula, commonly known as the "Venus Fly Trap", being eaten alive, an Association A.R.T. (Charlie VII) was sent to investigate. The massive carnivorous plant was purportedly purchased from "Greene's Garden Supplies" and had grown to over 10x its original size. Upon arrival, the location for Greene's Garden Supplies had been closed for months, due to a rodent infestation. Due to the availability of these anomalies, finding the source of the company is a major priority for the Association.

File Overview <The Omega Organization>:


The Omega Organization is a quasi-religious fanatical terrorist group that obtained knowledge of the Association from an improperly amnesticized Researcher. The Researcher remembered certain parts of his time at the AEP Association, and was obtained by the Omega Organization. The Omega Group appears to have an extremely large budget, although Association tracing has revealed no trace of their benevolent supporters. The Omega Organization has attacked multiple Sites, and upon gaining control of the Site, begins neutralizing any and all anomalies enclosed at the site. Of course, this has led to multiple Enclosure Breaches and is responsible for an average annual loss of 12 billion USD to the Association. Discovering more knowledge of the Omega Organization is a major priority for the Association.

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