Threat Classification

Welcome, Recruit.

Yes, it is I, Dr. █████. Let me skip right to the point. As you know, there are 3 primary Enclosure Designations; Oriens, Meridien and Noctis. Now since these are extremely general, and tell us next to nothing about the actual nature of the anomaly, we have devised a NEW SYSTEM! We now have Threat Classification. To keep this brief, since our time is short, I'll lay it out for you.

Example of this in use:

**Item ID: AEP-XXX**

**Enclosure Designation:** Oriens

**Threat Classification:** ANOM-03

**Adaptive Enclosure Procedures:**


Threat List:

ANOM-(00-05): This means there is no other classification that fits it, so it is simply classified as Anomalous.
DIGI-(00-05): For this, the Anomaly is somehow digital, either being a Computer, or something of that nature. Perhaps even a computer virus would be categorized this way.
DIM-(00-05): This has to do with a dimensional anomaly. For example if an anomaly exits into a Pocket Dimension, cough cough 106 cough cough, it would be classified as a DIM anomaly.
CHEM-(00-05): This means that the anomaly is somehow chemically based. For example, if a safe continually spews acid, it would probably be classified as a CHEM anomaly.
MEM-(00-05): MEM classifies anomalies as "memetic". I'm not the expert on memetic anomalies, however, you can find an in-depth summary here.
PHYS-(00-05): PHYS means that the anomaly is either extremely strong and/or does not conform to most physical laws. For example, a lizard that can be reduced to 5% of its body mass and survive would have a PHYS Classification. cough cough 682 cough cough.
PATH-(00-05): PATH, standing for 'pathogen', is a classification given to a virus or bacterium that is either anomalous in its own respect or can cause a disease that has anomalous effects or properties.
NEW-(00-05): NEW means… That you make it up yourself. While here we have almost every option that an anomaly could possibly be, if you need something specific, make sure to keep it preferably around 3-4 characters long. Examples, COG (cognitohazard) REDS (Reality Distorter), etc.

You may have noticed following the designation there is a sliding scale number from 00-05. While the Code designates its object type the number designates that objects threat on a scale from 00-05.

Threat Class 00: The anomaly is used in the protection of Association assets and or can be used to assist in the containment of other anomalies. This anomaly poses no threat to the association and may have been manufactured by the Association. AEP's of this class are usually designated as Vita.

Threat Class 01: The anomaly poses no apparent threat towards The Association, nor its personnel, but is strictly monitored for any unpredictable behavior. The anomalous effects/abilities are most likely almost null, or non-dangerous to Personnel working alongside it.

Threat Class 02: The anomaly while dangerous can easily be brought under control and poses minimal threat to the Association or its personnel outside of testing.

Threat Class 03: The anomaly while able to be brought under control can cause a great deal of damage to the association and its personnel and is to be considered a moderate threat. Most sentient AEPs unloyal to the Association fit this designation.

Threat Class 04: The anomaly poses a significant threat towards Association personnel. The anomaly shows highly unpredictable actions and exhibits dangerous properties that may cause significant damage to its surroundings, and or the Association.

Threat Class 05 The anomaly poses a serious threat towards Association personnel and humanity as a whole. This anomaly is considered to be the most dangerous, and its containment or neutralization must be a top priority.

And… that about wraps it up. Make sure you study well, as there'll be a test on Friday. See you tomorrow! *bell rings*

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